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9/30/15 Pets of the Week

Honey, Colt, Tigress, Carlos, May, & Shadow Hi there, my name’s Honey and I’m a 9 month old, female, Shepherd, possibly blended with some Terrier. The reason I say this is because if I had to guess how much I weigh, I would say about 15 lbs. I don’t believe I will get much bigger due to my age and that little bit of Terrier blend I was me [...]

9/23/15 Pets of the Week

Brewster, Elley, Bandit, Milo, Sarah, & Nyte  “I was walking through the park one day, in the merry merry month of ????” hold on a minute, it’s not May. Actually it doesn’t really matter what month it is to me because I love going for walks and runs. My name is Brewster and I’m a 6 month old, hopefully neutered, Shepherd Blend. You may be [...]

9/16/15 Pets of the Week

Dez, Duke, Carol, Gala, Cupcake, Harley Quinn Hello? Is there anybody out there? Well just in case you are, my name is Dez and I’m a 3 year old, male, Australian Shepherd Blend. I was found wondering the streets until Animal Control came and rescued me. I say rescued me because I am a deaf boy who has limited vision. I could only imagine wha [...]

9/9/15 Pets of the Week

Hailey, Dyson, October, Julius, Candy, Snow Hi there. My name is Hailey and I’m a Labrador/Boxer Blend. I was dropped off at PVAC all the way back in May of 2015. I was medically and behaviorally evaluated the same day I was admitted. It took a while for me to hit adoptions because at that time I was only 3 months old and there is a lot of o [...]

9/2/15 Pets of the Week

Gina, Thelma, Samson, Holly, Carter, & Soho Woof, woof, woof! This is my way of saying “Hello boys and girls”. My name is Gina and I’m a 1 year old, spayed, Shepherd Blend. I believe I may have a little bit of Retriever in my bloodline, but without a DNA test I really can’t say for sure. Either way, it really shouldn’t make a difference [...]

7/15/15 Pet of the Week

7/15/15 Pet of the Week Gunner, Laura, Billy Bob, Gandalf, Leah, & Hershey   What’s up everybody? Let me ask you something. Are you looking for a lifetime companion to share your world with? Maybe somebody who enjoys long walks or if you’re into fitness, maybe a run around the neighborhood? A big boy who does great with others? Well if so, I am the boy for you. [...]

6/12/15 Pets of the Week

Gunther, Dawn, Lala, Tommy, Fluffy, & Beans What’s up Valley? My name is Gunther and I’m a 4 year old, neutered, Rottweiler Blend. I was here in 2014 when one of the local rescues decided to take me in and get me out of Palm Valley and adopted into a family who was waiting for a boy like me. Somehow I was picked up by animal control about [...]

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