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Please complete our Rescue Rangers Sign-Up below, you can expect a phone call within 48 hours of submitting your application. If you have not been contacted in 48 hours from submitting your application, please email RescueRangers@pvaconline.com. If you have seen a pet on our PVAC URGENT PETS Facebook Page that you are interested in fostering, please make sure to include the Pet ID #.


What is a Rescue Ranger?

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A Rescue Ranger provides short-term love, care, food and shelter to a vulnerable dog or cat. The animals that are placed into the care of  Rescue Ranger while they await transfer to a rescue organization. 

These animals  are typically young, sick, or injured, but can include healthy adults. These vulnerablanimals often require seven days or less out of the shelter environment, whether it be for veterinary visits, a stress-free place to rest, or just some TLC.  Becoming a Rescue Ranger means becoming part of a life-saving mission.

Rescue Rangers are matched with an animal, and communicate directly with the Rescue Partner Organization until the date of transportation back to Palm Valley Animal Center for the next leg of the animal’s journey.  If you would like to become a Rescue Ranger, please complete our online form and a member of our team will be in touch with you.

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What is a Rescue Partner Organization?
Our Rescue Partners are registered non-profit organizations that work to find homes for stray, sick, injured, abandoned, and unwanted animals.  Palm Valley Animal Center works with over 100 Rescue Partner Organizations. Many of our Rescue Partners are located outside of the Rio Grande Valley (some outside of Texas!), and pull animals from our shelter, saving thousands of lives each year.

How is the Rescue Ranger Program different from the Foster Program?
They share one thing in common: Both programs save lives.

The Rescue Ranger Program means hosting a sick, injured, or very young animal for generally no more than 7 days.  While the animal stays with you, their Rescue Organization works on finalizing transport arrangements. They work with you directly to coordinate veterinary visits or medical care if needed.  In some cases, you will be asked to complete a foster application for a Rescue Partner Organization(s).

With our regular PVAC Foster Program, a foster provides a loving home, food and care to an animal, usually for longer than 7 days, until it is ready to go into the adoption program at Palm Valley Animal Center or The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center, or is adopted out of the foster’s home.

Who provides the supplies for the animal?
You, the Rescue Ranger, are responsible for providing food & water, shelter, leash/collar to the animal in your care.  The veterinary care and medical treatment are covered by the Rescue Partner Organization.

Can I become a Rescue Ranger to a specific animal?
In some cases, an animal that you would like to care for will need a Rescue Ranger, and our team will do its best to match you with this animal and its Rescue Organization.  Due to the urgent nature of this program, and large number of animals requiring short-term care, it is often more practical for us to do the matching for you.

If there is a specific animal that you would like to adopt or foster for longer than seven days, please complete an application for our PVAC Foster Program.

Is there an application I need to fill out?
Please complete our online sign-up form to become a Rescue Ranger. Our Rescue Partner Organizations may ask you to complete one of their foster application forms prior to taking one of their animals into your care.

What if I have other pets? Can I still be a Rescue Ranger?
Sure! However, keep in mind that many of our Rescue Ranger animals might be sick or injured.  For this reason, it is important that you have the means of keeping your own pets separate from the Rescue Ranger animal.  In many cases, the animal placed in your care must not come in contact with the other pet(s) in your house.

Will I ever have the animal for longer than seven days?
A Rescue Ranger will host an animal for generally no more than seven days.  If the Rescue Partner Organization is not able to make transport arrangements within seven days, then you can make arrangements to bring the animal back to Palm Valley Animal Center by contacting RescueRangers@pvaconline.com.    

In some cases, transportation arrangements will take longer than 7 days.  If this occurs, you might be asked by a Rescue Partner Organization if you can hold the animal for longer than 7 days.  You are not obliged to hold the animal for longer than 7 days, but this is entirely up to you and the Rescue.

When will the animal be transported to its rescue organization?
For animals who are transported with the help of Palm Valley Animal Center, they must be dropped off to the shelter at 6 a.m. on a Tuesday or a Friday (whichever day is specified to you by PVAC, or the Rescue Ranger Program).

For animals who are transported by a Rescue Organization, the day/time will be decided by the Rescue Partner Organization.  They will let you know when transport is arranged.

Interested in becoming a foster but want to know more?
Please contact RescueRangers@pvaconline.com with questions.


We want to sincerely thank you for your interest in becoming a Rescue Ranger with our PVAC Foster Program.

Foster Program Team


Donations may be brought to any of our locations in person, purchased from our Wish List or send us a donation online.

Our Facebook Foster Groups are a place where we can all help each other with questions and posting updates about the fosters.

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