Humane Education

What is Humane Education?
Humane education is a lens, body of knowledge, and set of tools and strategies for teaching about human rights, animal protection, environmental stewardship, and cultural issues as interconnected and integral dimensions ofa just, healthy society.
Humane education not only instills the desire and capacity to live with compassion, integrity, and wisdom, but also provides the knowledge and tools to put our values into action in meaningful, far-reaching ways so that we can find solutions th
at work for all.


Our Vision

Palm Valley Animal Center/ The Laurie P Andrews PAWS Center believes that education is the key to creating a just, humane, and sustainable world for all people, animals, and the environment. We offer programs and resources designed to train, educate, and inspire people to become changemakers, and to live with compassion and integrity while working to solve the most pressing challenges of our time.


Empowering students to take responsibility for their actions and motivating students to inspire others to make the world a better, kinder place are the results of many humane education programs. Teaching people to think critically and compassionately about the choices they make that affect the earth, animals and each other can be life changing — and the outcomes can be profound.


Core Values

Building Stronger Character – Participants learn to think about how animals might feel, or identify how their own actions can affect others and the world around them. Respectful, empathetic and compassionate behavior is not instinctual; it must be learned in order for one to develop a strong sense of morality.
Empowering for Positive ChangeParticipants learn to think about how animals might feel, or identify how their own actions can affect others and the world around them.
Reducing Violence – The Connection between violence toward animals and violence to people is well documented in research. Teaching messages of empathy toward other beings is essential to raising kind, compassionate citizens.
Community Presence – Outreach of successful programs into the community can create an awareness about our mission.
Palm Valley Animal Center/The Laurie P Andrews PAWS Center  is committed to educating the public on issues relating to animal welfare providing a variety of programs for the community.  The PAWS Center offers many interactive, age-appropriate programs and tours.


PAWS University – Camps

 The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center offers several camps to provide youngsters with an inside look at the day-to-day operations of our PAWS Center; give them an opportunity to meet and interact with dogs and cats at our shelter, as well as a variety of more “exotic” animals, ranging from chinchillas and snapping turtles to pythons and Madagascar hissing cockroaches; and even explore their artistic skills. Our camps are designed to foster respect, compassion and kindness towards all living beings.

PAWS Academy 

Our programs are taught by specially-trained volunteer humane educators who are well informed about animal related topics and are familiar with age-level learning characteristics. Is there a fee? Yes, there is a nominal fee to help defray the cost of the materials you will receive. Please contact the Education Department at education@pvaconline.com for more information and to book your program!  We require a minimum of three weeks notice to ensure availability of the room, resources and a specially trained humane educator. Leaders and parents are responsible for managing students’ behavior while visiting visiting the PAWS Center.

Agent of Change (School and Community Service Projects)

Palm Valley Animal Center/ The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center frequently receives requests from students for information about our services and animal welfare issues for classroom projects. If you are a student requesting to interview a staff member about an animal welfare topic that pertains to the work we do, or if you wish to request access to one of our facilities in order to complete a photo or video school-related project, please submit a request to education@pvacoline.com .
Note: we are unable to accommodate job shadow requests
Due to the large number of requests we receive, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for our staff to respond once the request has been submitted. PAWS staff can answer student questions via phone, email, or in person. A scheduled appointment is required in advance and we will do our best to schedule appointments within 1-2 weeks of the request. Please plan ahead as we are unable to accommodate last minute requests.
Interviews are available Monday-Friday at both facilities and do not include a tour. Tour requests are handled separately, but students are welcome to visit the animals on their own prior to or after their scheduled time with staff at The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center.  Please note students under the age of 16 must be accompanied ed by an adult to visit our adoption floor.


Community service projects

Although we don’t offer short-term volunteer projects in our facilities, you can help us serve animals in other ways. Some project ideas include:
Hold a fundraiser, like a bake sale or car wash, to benefit Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center.
Collect and donate items on animal organizations’ wish lists:Example: Paper towels, dried dog food, milk substitute, portable cages, blankets and towels, cleansers, and food bowls.
Sponsor a walk-athon, bowl-athon, read-athon, etc. backed by pledges. Donate to local shelters or animal organizations
Construct an outdoor protective shelter for unowned cats to assist Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center’s Outreach Programs.

Center tours

Groups are also welcome to schedule a tour at The Laurie P. Andrews  PAWS Center at the time they bring in their donations. Please note that groups with more than ten individuals   will have a $1 per person fee for tours.  Our tours fill up quickly, so please request a tour at least 2 weeks in advance.


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