PVAC Village Project – Austin Pets Alive!, Best Friends Animal Society & Maddie’s Fund

Palm Valley Animal Center / The Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center has listened to the concerns of local rescue organizations, rescue partners and the concerned citizens. Steps are being made to start making major changes to our centers in order to provide the best care possible for our community’s animals.

However by far, the biggest, and most necessary step is a complete upgrade to PVAC. In order to accomplish this, several key staff members from APA will be coming down on Monday March 12th. Unlike recent reports and misleading information being shared on social media, this in no way means that we will be conducting mass euthanasia in preparation for this event. However, this does mean that we will need the help of our rescue partner organizations near and far, as well as the support of our local partner municipalities and will call upon our community to volunteer in mass numbers to “empty our centers” both PVAC and PAWS so that these improvements can be made.

PVAC will overhaul its intake process and movement of animals in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations developed by APA and Best Friends solely for PVAC.

From February 10-13,, 2018, Tim Ousley-Executive Director, Rebeca Villanueva-Director of Development and Matt Kendall-Rescue Facilitator attended the American Pets Alive four day Intensive for Shelter Leadership conference held in Austin. This was a learning opportunity to get some tips from some of the best professionals in the business. These tips included ways to increase the live outcome rates of animals that are surrendered to PVAC and to improve the quality of life and the care they receive while in our facility.

During the conference, we spent several hours with Dr. Ellen Jefferson and her incredible team from Austin Pets Alive, analyzing our facility layout, operations, and animal “flow-through”. They provided several recommendations for decreasing exposure of disease for animals currently under our care, as well as preventing possible outbreaks in the future. Some of the steps we are implementing and/or have implemented are:

  1. Deferred intake options for owner surrenders and public drop-offs
  2. Updating our process on kennel cleaning rotations
  3. Ongoing training of kennel staff in proper cleaning procedures
  4. Restarting onsite adoptions at PVAC
  5. Reduce barriers to adoption by reducing adoption fees and restructuring adoption process

In the short term, we have been implementing recommendations that were possible without the need of additional resources. We have been meeting with management personnel to discuss implementation of the short term recommendations made by Best Friends Animal Society and APA. These meetings started back in August 2017 following the visits from Best Friends Animal Society in June 2017 and have continued after APA’s visit on January 28, 2018.

On February 20, 2018, PVAC Board of Directors invited several members of the local rescue community to meet during their regularly scheduled board meeting. There was an open and honest discussion of the concerns from our community in regards to overcrowding, kennel conditions and the distemper cases being reported online. The message was clear our community is demanding change in and out of our facility. That meeting ended with the understanding that PVAC would have the support and cooperation of the local rescue community in bringing about these changes.

Palm Valley Animal Center is dedicated to improving the level of care of the homeless and abandoned animals in and out of our facility, but change is only possible if we work together as a community.

Thank you for your feedback, patience and support.

Palm Valley Animal Center

PVAC Visit by Austin Pet’s Alive
January 28, 2018

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