Thursday, January 26, 2017: McAllen Mayor SOTC Promotes Pet Adoption

Mayor SOTC Promotes Pet Adoption

Published on Jan 26, 2017

For Mayor Jim Darling’s finale at his State of the City, he pulled at our heart strings with a story from Mary Fuentes and her daughter Iliana “Lilly” Fuentes who volunteer at the Laurie P. Andrews PAWS Center. Lilly is visually impaired and autistic but, this does not hamper her great spirit of volunteering to make some large dogs very happy. Mayor Darling encouraged the McAllen area community to support PAWS and Palm Valley Animal Center (PVAC) who handle thousands of unwanted dogs and cats a year. You can do your part by adopting a pet or giving back to this non-profit that depends on donations and volunteers. For more information about PAWS and PVAC see below:

How many pet adoptions?
In 2016, 2,491 pets were adopted through the LPA PAWS Adoption Program. All of these animals were originally admitted at PVAC. Of those 1,725 were dogs, 642 were cats and 124 were a combination of other domestic pets (for example: rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, birds)

How many pets do you admit?
We admit almost 35,000 animals a year and serve the entire Hidalgo County.

How many are reported missing/found?
In 2016, 1,276 animals were reunited with their families after being admitted to PVAC.

Can you volunteer?
In 2016, we had 864 volunteers who completed the volunteer registration process, attended volunteer orientation and maintained an active account for the full year. Volunteers accumulated 11,958 hours for the year socializing dogs/cats, grooming, transporting animals for rescue, at special events and helping with projects.

Donations are always appreciated?
Here are some donation options
One-Time Monetary Donation: PAWS/PVAC does not receive funding from national or state humane societies and relies entirely on private donations to fund our programs, www.pvaconline.com/donate

In-Kind Donations: To help the costs, our programs are always in need of items to support their activities, here are some items that are always needed. For additional information please visit www.pvaconline.com/wishlist
– GNC Kitten/Puppy Milk Replacer
– Dog or Cat Toys
– Dry Puppy/Dog or Kitten/Cat Food
– ProPlan/HEB Heritage Ranch Canned Puppy/Dog Food (ground variety)
– Canned Cat Food (pâté/ground variety)
– Bleach / Tide Laundry Detergent / Dawn Dish Soap
– Towels / Fleece Blankets (clean & in good condition)
– Dog Leash, Collars and Harnesses (assorted sizes)
– Pee Pads / Paper Towel Rolls
– Gift Cards (Amazon, PETCO, PetSmart)
– Newspaper

Honorary Gifts: A gift to help the animal is a great way to celebrate the birthday, graduation, or any other occasion for the animal lovers in your life. We will send a special card notifying the recipient of your gift, development@pvaconline.com

Monthly Monetary Donations: Monthly donors support our work throughout the year with recurring monthly gifts, www.pvaconline.com/donate

Memorial Gifts: Help save the lives of orphaned pets is wonderful way to remember a special person or pet who has passed on. We will send you a special note notifying the recipient of your choice. With your gift of $100 or more, we will place an engraved gold leaf on our PVAC Tree of Life, development@pvaconline.com

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