April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month – WE can all make a Difference!

Aries – Edcouch-Elsa 2015 Animal Cruelty Case

We must first all understand that cruelty to animals is illegal. In the U.S. all states have laws regarding animal cruelty. Defining animal cruelty for some individuals may not be easy, however, 47 states include some acts as felonies. The definitions and viewpoints of animal cruelty can vary so greatly, therefore, we will keep relatively straightforward with the viewpoint of animal cruelty as being any act or situation that inflicts pain, suffering or death upon an animal. This could be a situation in which people are very much aware of their actions and their intent is to be malicious and cruel, or someone who is unaware and does not even realize that their inactions are causing pain and agony.

What is very easy to agree on, however, is that the occurrences of animal cruelty seem to have no end. Every day there is a new media report of an animal that has suffered at the hands of a human. Perhaps a dog was tied up outside in the heat without shade, water or food, became dehydrated and was left to die, or a kitten that went through unimaginable torture that caused its death. Many of us have seen the horrific pictures and videos on social media depicting a helpless animal in misery. Many of us know that these situations exist in our community at alarming levels.

So, have you asked yourself,  “how do we stop this?” The only way we will see an end to animal cruelty in our community is if we ALL work together, we ALL make the difference, and remember that we can all play a role in prevention.

Part of raising awareness to prevent animal cruelty is to also pay attention to the animals we see in our community.  Have you seen an animal that shows signs of neglect or displays open wounds or multiple scars? Have you seen someone hit an animal? If you have, don’t keep quiet. If you’re a child, tell your parents or a teacher. If you’re an adult, talk with law enforcement. Your actions may very well save that animal’s life! Please visit The Humane Society of the United States for more information on issues of animal cruelty.

As a community, our voices can make a difference.  Animal cruelty may not be an issue that people want to talk about. It is very upsetting and for most people difficult to even comprehend, but if we do not talk about it how can we make it stop?  We must educate and instill awareness into our communities.  Contact your local, state and federal representatives and address animal cruelty with them.  Let them know our community wants meaningful protection for our animals.  Please visit the  ASPCA-Advocacy to learn more about becoming an advocate.


How will YOU create awareness?

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