9/30/15 Pets of the Week

Honey, Colt, Tigress, Carlos, May, & Shadow

HoneyHi there, my name’s Honey and I’m a 9 month old, female, Shepherd, possibly blended with some Terrier. The reason I say this is because if I had to guess how much I weigh, I would say about 15 lbs. I don’t believe I will get much bigger due to my age and that little bit of Terrier blend I was mentioning before. So with all that information you can see that I would make the perfect girl to adopt. Not too big for a house, or even an apartment. I’m very playful and I enjoy running around in the grass like a little child. I even enjoy playing ball, so when your home alone bored out of your mind, you can pick up a ball and we can play together for a bit. Once we are finished and get tired out, we can just lie down in the grass together and enjoy some relaxation because I must say, I adore lying in the grass just being outdoors. I may even cuddle up with you as I love affection and have much to give after being here waiting to be adopted. Come fill out an application so that we can play together outside. You don’t have to worry about me pulling you all around while walking me because that is one thing I am very good at, walking on a leash. Hopefully I will see you sooner than later.

ColtSo you want to talk about a good running partner? Just look at my picture, I so love to run around as if there’s no tomorrow. Oh, excuse me, I haven’t even introduced myself yet. My name’s Colt and I’m a 1 year old, Neutered, Shepherd Blend. I definitely know I’m not blended with Terrier as I weigh just a good 35-40 lbs. Can you believe I’ve been here at Palm Valley for just a little over a month now? I’m thinking I ended up here because I just wanted to go for a run around my neighborhood and it just so happened that Animal Control was there at the same time. I must’ve belonged to someone because I was well taken care of and I passed all my medical and behavioral evaluations with flying colors. Unfortunately, my owners never came to find me. On the bright side, I know I have a chance to go home with you and show you just how awesome I am. I enjoy playing fetch, chase, whatever we can play together I’m down for it, especially if it has to do with running outside. Once I heal from my neutering surgery, I’ll be ready to take on anything and, hopefully, it’ll be with you.

TigressOk, you’ve met Honey and Colt, but now it’s time for Tigress (which is me) to tell you a little bit about me. I am a 1 year old, spayed, Shepherd Blend. I am more of a lover than some of the others. I really love belly rubs and could lie there all day while getting one. When you come visit me and see me in my kennel you’ll notice just how happy I am to see you and my tail will wag none stop. Now just imagine my smiley face greeting you at the door every time you come home. I’ll be just as happy as can be that your home and we’ll spend quality time together. We could go for long walks or even a run here and there because those are just a few of the things I enjoy doing. Not only that, but when you had a long, stressful day and just want to crash out on the couch, who better than me to have lying there right next to you. I’ve probably been here longer than most, and will appreciate that you were the one to take a chance on me. Knowing that, I’ll be the most loving a loyal girl you will have ever met in your lifetime. How about it, could you be the one to take a chance on me when you come by and adopt me today?

CarlosAlright, alright now, it’s time for the cats to take over for all you cat lovers out there. My name is Carlos and I’m a 6 month old, neutered, Domestic Shorthair Blend. I’m a very calm boy who loves to be held and have my head massaged. You’ll know just how much I enjoy it because my little purr motor turns on and I just purr away enjoying every moment of it. I like to keep myself entertained by playing with toys. I also get along wonderfully with other cats because me and May (who will introduce herself in a bit) were at a foster home before we were brought here and we spent our days with other cats just waiting to be able to come to Palm Valley. This is what all of us at the foster house talked about every day. When will it be our turn to go over to Palm Valley? We know that when we do, we will have the best opportunity to find our forever homes once we are there. Will you be the one to make my dream of a forever home come true?

MayWell guess who I am? I’m May, of course. I know Carlos had mentioned that we were at a foster home together, and now we are here. I’m a 6 month old, spayed, Domestic Shorthair Blend. I too love the attention we all get here while waiting to be adopted. We have a lot of volunteers come into the community cat room to socialize with us, and that’s just peachy keen, except then they leave. As much as we wish they could stay and play with us all day, we just know that it’s not possible. So, what we all need, including myself, is that someone special to walk in and say “you’re the one”. Once we hear those magic words, we all start saying our goodbyes because we know that we found our forever family. I’m hoping to find a home where maybe they have another fur baby that I can play with while my human is out and about. If not, that’s fine because I can always find a way to entertain myself whether it be with toys or just looking out the window at all the birds that fly by. Either way, I know I’ll be the best girl ever because I know I’ll be rescued by someone who loves me and I will love them conditionally for the rest of my life.

Shadow“Me and my Shadow…..” well that’s all I really know about that song, but just imagine that could be you and me. If you haven’t guessed it yet my name’s Shadow. I’m a 7 month old, neutered, Domestic Shorthair Blend. I love it when people come to visit with me because I like to jump on their lap and get all the attention I can before they have to leave. I too am super playful just like any kitty you met, but I am a little worried. For some strange reason, I have no idea why this is, but they say black animals just don’t get adopted as much or quickly as the other pets.  Phooey, if people got to know us for or personalities and not by the color of our fur, they’ll see we are just as loving, playful, and maybe even better than the rest. You and I can make a little difference in the numbers when you adopt me today. Introduce me to your friends and maybe they too will want to make a difference in a black pet’s life. Let’s make a difference together.

adopt dont shopAdoption fees include first series of shots; spay/neuter operation, microchip, and a month of pet insurance.  For more information on adopting Honey, Colt, Tigress, Carlos, May, Shadow or any of our other adoptable pets, visit the Palm Valley Animal Center at 2501 W. Trenton in Edinburg or call 956-686-1141 today.  You can also see a list of all of our adoptable animals 24 hours a day at www.pvaconline.com.Adoption Application


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