9/23/15 Pets of the Week

Brewster, Elley, Bandit, Milo, Sarah, & Nyte

Brewster “I was walking through the park one day, in the merry merry month of ????” hold on a minute, it’s not May. Actually it doesn’t really matter what month it is to me because I love going for walks and runs. My name is Brewster and I’m a 6 month old, hopefully neutered, Shepherd Blend. You may be asking yourself what I mean by hopefully. Well it’s because I actually have an appointment today to get neutered. I am sure everything will work out just fine as all my bloodwork is perfect.  I have been vaccinated and I am just as fit as a fiddle. I was picked up wandering the streets on Sept. 7th and that’s when it happened. Animal Control found me and brought me here. I must say it’s really not a bad thing that they did, but a lifesaving thing. Who knows what would have become of me out on the streets. I made a whole bunch of friends when I was brought in to the playgroups. We ran around and none of us decided to fight and all got along great. Once I proved that I was good with other dogs and humans too, I was quickly brought into adoptions. If you think I look great in my photo, you really need to see me up close and personal.  If your extremely interested in giving me a forever home, just fill out an application and then you can take me outside for a bit so that my true personality shines through. I am sure you will be finishing up with my adoption before you even leave today.

ElleyGood morning boys and girls of all ages. I am the perfect girl for the more mature couple who wants a calm, indoor furbaby, or the younger crowd who wants an indoor girl but still wants to run around and play fetch in the back yard. Needless to say I am definitely her. My name is Elley and I’m a 1 year old, female, Standard Schnauzer/Chow Blend. I am not that big, I only weigh 27-28 lbs. and don’t plan on growing anymore. I have such a great personality that would blend in with any family who adopts me. I actually made a best friend here who is actually a Volunteer who has been coming around for years. She takes me out every day she is here and is just amazed at how well I walk on a leash without tugging or pulling. She also believes that I am potty-trained and would make a great indoor girl. She will take me out and let me chase the tennis balls with her. If she didn’t already have all of her furbabies, she said she would take me home in a minute with her. So the next best thing she can do is pray for me, that I find my loving family to go home with through Palm Valley. I’ll truly will miss her when I go but I too deserve to have a home of my own and that’s all that anyone here hopes for everyday for us.

BanditHi there. My name is Bandit and I’m a 3 month old, male, Yorkshire Terrier/Schnauzer Blend. Unlike my friends Brewster and Elley, I am still just a little too young to go outside and play. The good news is I am about to be moved from the puppy room (where I believe I get overlooked) into one of the big boy and girl kennels. Hopefully when I move out, I will be noticed and get adopted quickly. I was brought to Palm Valley because my previous owners are moving and they aren’t able to take me with them. It was a very hard decision they had to make because they said I was just the most loving, playful puppy they could have ever wanted in a lifetime. In my mind, I am grateful I had them as parents and they did the right thing. They brought me here to find my new forever family instead of just letting me loose and try to make it on my own. I cannot think of a better place they could have taken me than here. I get to go on road trips to some of our local pet stores and hangout for the day. Even though I am too young to play outside, you are always more than welcome to come into my kennel where we can just chill out and share some good quality time together. Who knows, you may love our time together so much here that you may just adopt me so the time we spend together, never has to end.

MiloPurr, purr, purr. That’s what I will do when we meet and you take me home with you. My name is Milo and I’m a 6 year old, Neutered, Domestic Shorthair Blend. I am a pretty big boy who was surrendered along with my two friends, Midnight and Bagheera.  Unfortunately, our previous owner had too many animals and had to part with some, so here we are. We are all older, more mature cats who are looking for a home that we may feel safe and comfortable. We may not like a lot of craziness, but thats because we already had our fair share of that years ago. We are calmer now and would just like a place to hang our heads. We still have plenty of love to share with our new family and if we are separated, it’s ok. If you don’t see us at Palm Valley when you come for a visit, that’s because I am at the Petco in Edinburg along with Bagheera, and our friend Midnight is at Petsmart off 10th street. Stop in over there and ask about us. They will be more than happy to assist you.

SarahHey everyone, my name is Sarah and I’m a 2 year old, female, Domestic Shorthair Blend. If you want to talk about a smart cat, let’s talk about me. I have been here for a while now and actually learned how to open my kennel door all by myself. Pretty smart huh? Just imagine all the other things I could learn if you showed me. I know people usually train dogs, but why not a cat? We are just as smart if not smarter than a dog. How much fun we could have together learning new things. I think I would be the perfect cat to try and train and then you could show me off to all your friends. Well actually, I believe you would show me off either way because I am just so beautiful and loving that you will be so proud that I am your cat that you couldn’t help but show me off.  I was brought here with 6 of my siblings. Some got adopted, one is being treated for respiratory, and 2 just didn’t make it, even though Palm Valley tried everything they could for them, I guess it was just there time. Rest in peace my loves. I really want to be one of the ones who get adopted just like my other brothers and sisters did, and you are my only hope other than rescue. Truth be told, I would rather go home with you today than be sent to a rescue not knowing again when I will find my forever home. Hopefully you will be the one to answer my prayers today.

NyteHello again everyone. This is my second time back at Palm Valley. My name is Nyte, formerly known as Oakly. I’m a 1 year old, neutered, Domestic Shorthair Blend. Just like a few others here, we get adopted and then we are brought back because either we didn’t get along with the pets they already have, they get another pet and decide they just don’t want us anymore, or they just didn’t know what responsibilities came along with taking care of us. As much as we all wish the first time would be forever, it’s just a known fact that it doesn’t always work out like that. Not that it really matters why I am back, but I am. I am hoping this time around it will be forever. I am super loving and will lay right next to you when you fall asleep. Give me some toys and I will play for hours with or without you. Preferably with you, but when you’re not around, you can be sure I will still be playing with the toys you leave out. I could go on and on but all you really need to do is stop on in and find out for yourself just how wonderful I am. I will be keeping an eye for you.adopt dont shopAdoption fees include first series of shots; spay/neuter operation, microchip, and a month of pet insurance.  For more information on adopting Brewster, Elley, Bandit, Milo, Sarah, Nyte or any of our other adoptable pets, visit the Palm Valley Animal Center at 2501 W. Trenton in Edinburg or call 956-686-1141 today.  You can also see a list of all of our adoptable animals 24 hours a day at www.pvaconline.com.Adoption Application

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