5/28/15 Pets of the Week

Brittney, Cookie, Toto, Jane & Fluffy, Fufu, and Mico BrittneyHey everybody, my name is Brittney. I’m a 3 year old, female, Labrador/Shepherd Blend. My story is a little different than the rest of my friends here. I was found Easter Sunday tied up to a fence and luckily for me the Foster Coordinator found me and saved me. She untied me and brought me here where I had my blood work done and I received my vaccinations too. Unfortunately, I tested positive for Heartworms. Everyone here said I was such a good girl, and great with children, that they would start networking me to see if a rescue would take me in, but in the meanwhile, I am still up in adoptions hoping that someone will give me a chance and help me with my condition. Palm Valley is willing to pay $350 of my heartworm treatment, but I am still looking for someone with a big heart that is willing to lay out the rest of the cost and give me a new forever home. I know I mentioned I was good with children already, but I am also potty trained and very gentle. When I am taken out to go to the restroom I do not pull on the leash at all and I will actually just stay by your side. So now let me ask you this, will you be the one to give me a second chance at life and happiness? If so please ask my counselors about me since I am a special needs girl who really needs your help. In return, you will be adopting the sweetest, gentlest, loving girl anyone has ever had the pleasure to meet.

CookieHey, look at me, Cookie. Do I look familiar? Well I should, I have been here since March 13, 2015. Just in case you don’t remember me, or you’re seeing me for the first time, my name is Cookie and I am now a 7 month old, female, Shepherd Blend. I was brought in by Animal Control along with my buddy Trip. He actually was adopted already and now it’s my turn, as I wait patiently. I enjoy playing with the toys they give me in my kennel up in adoptions, but it would be so much more fun if I was adopted and I could play all day with you as well. Actually if you wanted to you could come inside my kennel and play with me just as long as you sanitize your hands first please. Since I am now old enough, if you wanted to take me for a walk, please ask anyone of our Animal Care Tech.’s if they could help you take me outside. They will be more than happy to assist you. When you do visit with me, be warned, I like to give kisses on your neck and I am told very often that it tickles. Why not drive on over and see me first hand. I know I am quite the looker in my picture, but when you see me in person and get to know me, I am sure we will be leaving together to my new forever home. TotoMy name is Toto, and I must have gotten lost from Dorothy along the way. I tell myself there’s no place like home over and over again, but I am still here at Palm Valley waiting for her to find me. I’m a 1 year old, Terrier Blend who is ready for you to come and adopt me so I can be a part of a loving family again. I am a very happy and playful boy just wondering how I ended up here. I know we’re not in Kansas anymore or Oz for that matter, but honestly I am loving the Valley as my new home. The only thing missing is a home to call my own. So how about it? Could you be my Dorothy? I would stay by your side always as I wouldn’t want to lose another best friend. Plus who would make a better best friend than me? I wouldn’t complain, or talk back ever. The only thing I am sure about is that I would love you unconditionally for as long as we are together.

 Jane & FluffyHi there. I’m Jane, the beautiful yellow parakeet and this is my friend Fluffy, the beautiful blue one. We both were brought over here by our previous owner due to landlord issues. Hopefully we could be adopted together someplace where we could stay forever. We are easily cared for and I am able to be picked up and held. My friend Fluffy still gets a little scared and plays hard to get, but she’s still sweet.  The best thing about owning us is we can fill the air with sweet chirps throughout the day. If you’re wondering how you would get us home after adopting us, that easy. If we are adopted together, they will throw in the cage for just an additional $10. What a bargain. If I was you, I would fly on over as quick as you can, because I am sure we will be adopted in no time.

FufuYou’re probably wondering why I haven’t been adopted yet. My answer to you is, I do not know. My name is Fufu and I am an adult, male, Rabbit who has been patiently awaiting my adoption. I know I was recently highlighted in the paper, but it seems that I may need the extra help getting adopted. I have seen many exotics come and go while I’ve been here, but not me. Could it be that you’re a little scared of me? Well there’s no need to be. I am easily handled and do not bite. I pretty much take care of myself, but I too am in need of a loving family just like everyone here. I am not a loud pet so no one will complain of the noise. When you take me out to get my daily exercise and clean my kennel, I will just hop along and check out everything that’s going on. What would be even cooler is if you had a harness especially for rabbits and we went out for walks together. I am sure all your friends would be like how cool is that. Let me hop into your life and fill it with happiness when you take me home today.


Howdy everybody. My name is Mico and I’m a 1 year old, neutered, Domestic Shorthair Blend. Actually I think I have everyone beat. I have been here since February of this year. Why? I haven’t a clue. I am super loving, I will come when you stand by the door and call me. I enjoy attention and giving attention back to you. Shall I go on? I just think some of us here get overlooked and I am hoping since I am making my debut in the paper that I won’t be overlooked any more. Come visit me in the community cat room so I can show you just how awesome it would be if you adopted me today. adopt dont shopAdoption fees include first series of shots; spay/neuter operation, microchip, and a month of pet insurance.  For more information on adopting Brittney, Cookie, Toto, Jane & Fluffy, Fufu, Mico or any of our other adoptable pets, visit the Palm Valley Animal Center at 2501 W. Trenton in Edinburg or call 956-686-1141 today.  You can also see a list of all of our adoptable animals 24 hours a day at www.pvaconline.com.

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