The Phoenix Project

Palm Valley Animal Center is celebrating National Foster Care Month the entire month of May 2015 by encouraging everyone to visit PVAC at 2501 W Trenton-Edinburg, TX 78539 and learn more about the work being done by the PVAC Foster Program to help sick and injured animals in our community.  If you don’t have the ability to add a permanent furry friend to your household, becoming a PVAC Foster Family is a great way to pitch in.

It’s National Foster Care Month and PVAC wants to highlight a poignant new series, The Phoenix Project, which kicked off in June 2014. The Phoenix Project chronicles the road to recovery of an animal who has been the victim of severe animal abuse, physical and/or through neglect, and the dramatic impact a foster family can have on a pet everyone else has given up on.

The Phoenix Project was created following the intake of a female six month old German Shepherd that was almost completely hairless, underweight, and very fearful after being surrendered to PVAC by her owner. She was named Phoenix when the PVAC Foster Staff realized that with a whole lot of love and TLC this “unwanted” dog could blossom into an amazing, beautiful, and very well adjusted family pet. Phoenix made a complete recovery
and was adopted by her Foster Family who continues to love and care for her.

phoenixView her story here, Phoenix.

Hercules was chosen by the PVAC Foster Program Staff to prove again that no pet is unsalvageable.  Hercules, a two year old Dachshund-Beagle, arrived at PVAC with swollen cracked bleeding skin, staph and respiratory infections. Like so many pets that are abandoned or surrendered, Hercules was fearful and malnourished. Hercules’ mental and medical recovery is thanks to the dedication shown by the PVAC Foster Staff and the love from his Foster Family.  hercules

View his story here, Hercules.

Phoenix and Hercules represent the thousands of pets that are surrendered, abandoned, and neglected whom our community gives up on, but find a second and often only chance thanks to the dedication of the PVAC Foster Program and the love from a Foster Family.

Palm Valley Animal Center encourages our community to view the videos documenting the rehabilitation of Phoenix and Hercules through The Phoenix Project, to “open their hearts and open their homes”, and help one of the hundreds of hurt and sick animals who are not quite ready to enter the PVAC Adoption Program.

If you would like more information about the PVAC Foster Program, The Phoenix Project, or if you are interested in being a sponsor/donor, please contact Palm Valley Animal Center at 2501 W Trenton Rd-Edinburg, TX, call (956) 686-1141, or email foster@pvaconline.com.  Remember our website is open 24/7, www.pvaconline.com.Foster Tag

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