5/6/15 Pets of the Week

Akeera, Prince, Zina, Goldilocks Princess, Bullet, and FufuAkeera

Hey everybody. My name is Akeera and I’m an 8 month old, spayed, Shepherd Blend. I have been here in adoptions since April 1st. For some reason everyone just seems to pass me up. I am a very well behaved girl who walks awesome on a leash. I enjoy running around playing and if given the chance I could be the sunshine of your life. I do well with the other dogs so should you have a four legged friend at home already, you can bring them in for a play date to see how well we get along together. We may just become the bestest of friends while they are here so that you wouldn’t want anything more than to adopt me before you leave. Once you do, we can all go home together and start the rest of our lives together.

PrinceSome of you may remember me as Jimmy, but I now go by the name Prince. I’m a 1 year old, male, Chihuahua Blend. I was actually adopted over a year ago from here and somehow I got lost form my owner in October of last year and found my way back here. Since it was a while since I was adopted from here, as soon as I was brought in Palm Valley ran my bloodwork again, but this time I was positive for a tick-born disease. Without hesitation, they got me into foster and had me treated. On May 1st I was brought back by the foster mom to have my bloodwork done again and I passed with flying colors. The treatment was a success. So now I am back in adoptions hoping to find my forever home this time. One where I won’t leave and I can bring happiness to everyone I meet. I am potty trained already and just one of the most loving boys you will meet here. So how’s about? Will you be the one to make my world complete when you adopt me today?


Well Hello, my name is Zina. I’m a 3 year old, spayed, Pug Blend. I too was adopted out back in 2014 to a wonderful family. I didn’t find my way back here because I ran away, but in fact it was because my owner’s mom had gotten really sick so she just couldn’t care for the both of us. So she did the next best thing and brought me back so I could find another loving home just like the one I came from. She was upset and truly wished she could have kept me, but thought it to be unfair to me that I wasn’t getting the attention I was used to getting from her. Just in case she is reading this, it’s ok she brought me back because I will find another loving home because I am just so great like you told everyone here.. I do wonderful when taken out for walks, I am potty trained, and I do not take much space. So whether you have a big house or a small apartment, I will fit right in perfectly. Just don’t put off coming to see me because I know for a fact I won’t be here long.

Goldilocks PrincessI am starting to think this is repeat week at Palm Valley. My name is Goldilocks Princess and I’m a beautiful 7 month old, spayed, Domestic Shorthair Blend. I was brought back this week because I just didn’t get along with the other cat in my home. I am more of a free spirited kitten who wants to play all the time and unfortunately the cat I shared a home with wasn’t. She was more of an older cat who just didn’t want to be bothered, so every time I went to play with her she would take a swat at me and chase me away. My owner tried everything she could to keep me, even by keeping me strictly in her bedroom, but once the door opened, out I went. My owner was just in tears when she brought me back, not wanting to do it, but didn’t want to see me get picked on everyday either. She really hopes someone will just see how wonderful I am and loving I could be just like I was with her. Let’s make her wish come true and find me a new loving home, hopefully where I can be the only cat.

BulletHey everyone, my name is Bullet and I’m a 3 month old, male, domestic Shorthair Blend. When I first came here, I was only a little thing that was too small to make it into adoptions. One of the great staff saw the good in me and decided to take me home until I got old enough to be adopted. I am super playful, loving, and independent now and very ready to go home with you today. If you are looking for a little boy who will keep you entertained for hours I am just the one for you. Swing on by and ask to visit with me. Once you do, you won’t want to let me go. Can’t wait to meet you today.

FufuYou’re probably wondering why I haven’t been adopted yet. My answer to you is, I do not know. My name is Fufu and I am an adult, male, Rabbit who has been patiently awaiting my adoption. I have seen many exotics come and go while I’ve been here, but not me. There is no reason for you to be scared of me because I am easily handled and do not bite. I pretty much take care of myself, but I too am in need of a loving family just like everyone here. I am not a loud pet so no one will complain of the noise. When you take me out to get my daily exercise and clean my kennel, I will just hop along and check out everything that’s going on. Hopefully you will give me the chance to hop into your heart where I will stay.

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Adoption fees include first series of shots; spay/neuter operation, microchip, and a month of pet insurance.  For more information on adopting Akeera, Prince, Zina, Goldilocks Princess,  or any of our other adoptable pets, visit the Palm Valley Animal Center at 2501 W. Trenton in Edinburg or call 956-686-1141 today.  You can also see a list of all of our adoptable animals 24 hours, www.pvaconline.com/animals.

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